Franclemont Family History
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PLEASE be patient while I figure out how to have the sources and media link properly. **Update - Links are broken and showing media for wrong individuals. I am working on this as quickly as possible.. I have wanted to create this site for quite a long time and finally pulled the trigger. Feel free to browse, drop me an email with additions, changes, etc..

Currently we have this set to not show any living individuals information besides name to the general public. If you register and are confirmed as part of our history you will then see the living people.

This should turn into a live, breathing website documenting all things Franclemont and Franclemont adjacent. Eventually we will populate with pictures, documents, places, and hopefully fill in those hard to find people from long ago.

I am adding sources as quickly as I can. I have boxes of printouts to assign to the data. Bear with me please!

Spelling variations found in research so far: Franclemont, Franclimont, Francklemont, Frankelmont, Franckelemon, Franklemon, Fraaclemont, Framclemont, Francelmont, Franchemont, Franciemont, Franclamont, Franclemant, Franclement, Franclemoat, Franclemoht, Franclemoni, Franclemonl, Franclemonr, Franclemont, Franclemonte, Franclemopt, Franclemout, Franclimont, Francltmont, Franctemont, Franelemont, Frankelmont, Franklemont, Franlemont, Franqlemont, Fraoclemont

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This section will link to some of our more interesting family histories. (Eventually)


We are actively pursuing any and all documentation on the people listed so far on the website. We also need research into the ANGER, MERZ and YOX lines. Please contact with any information you have.

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Eventually we will list resources here that we would like to share with others. Contact us at!